A new Harry Potter tour is available to the general public, giving visitors - the rather pricey sum of 28 pound for adults and 21 pound for children - a chance to see the magic that went on behind the scenes during the shooting of the eight Potter films. That said, if Rupert Grint comes as part of it then that's probably money well spent, and although we're not suggesting at all that his career hasn't quiet taken off in the same way Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson's have since the movies, the fact he spoke to Reuters from the set of the Weasley's kitchen doesn't bode well does it.
"There's just so much detail in everything," said Grint, who played Harry's best friend Ron Weasley in the films. "I'm so happy it hasn't all been put away into storage and collected dust and forgotten about because it's something that really needs to be celebrated." 'The Warner Bros. Tour - The Making of Harry Potter' opens on Saturday and will sees visitors enter through the Great Hall of Hogwarts School, with other fully preserved rooms in the tour including the Gryffindor common room, Professor Dumbledore's office, the potions classroom, Hagrid's hut, a section of the Ministry of Magic and, of course, the Weasley's kitchen.
Other highlights to check out are the animatronic Aragog, which needed 100 technicians to operate, and a version of the hippogriff Buckbeak which allow visitors to see the attention to detail that went into each character. Ollivanders Shop in Diagon Alley, for instance, contained 17,000 individually labelled wand boxes. The tour lasts three hours and finishes with a walk along Diagon Alley, leading eventually to a large room filled with a huge scale model of Hogwarts castle.