Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is being protected by four ex-SAS bodyguards after being harassed by a stalker.

The 18-year-old actor has been assigned the burly minders by movie bosses after receiving death threats, reports the Sun.

In another security measure, Daniel switched cars three times during filming of the seventh film in the famous wizarding series - HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS.

An insider told the newspaper: "There is a real concern for Daniel's welfare. The bigwigs haven't said what has been going on. It's all hush-hush — but security has been massively ramped up."

This is not the first time that Daniel has been troubled by fans – four years ago he was approached by a woman naked except for a towel bearing his image and the slogan "nothing comes between me and Harry Potter".

Warner Bros refused to comment on this latest security issue.

Meanwhile, shooting of latest HARRY POTTER instalment was delayed earlier this week as two naked men streaked through the set.

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, along with Radcliffe, was forced to retreat to their trailers while security apprehended the men.

05/03/2008 11:28:51