Boy wizard Harry Potter's evil uncle and aunt have been cut from the fourth movie in the fantasy series.

British actors Richard Griffiths and Fiona Shaw were shocked to discover scenes involving their characters VERNON and PETUNIA DURSLEY have been scrapped from the film adaptation of Jk Rowling's fourth book HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE.

SLEEPY HOLLOW star Griffith explains, "Filming had already started on the fourth and Fiona and I asked the producers, 'Are we in it?' and they said, 'Oh, did no one tell you?'

"The problem is that the fourth book is just too long for a film, so they've done away with our bit - where Harry is at home with the Dursleys - and will just begin with him at school."

The 56-year-old even begged Rowling to write a special scene for the scheming pair.

He adds, "I said to JK Rowling, 'Couldn't the Dursleys turn up to an open day at Harry's school or something?

"But she said, 'I don't think so.'"

Griffiths, Shaw and HARRY MELLING - who plays the Dursleys' indulged son DUDLEY - have yet to find out whether they will be reappearing in the fifth movie.

07/04/2004 14:02