The seventh and final book in the Harry Potter series is apparently being printed in "total darkness" in a bid to avoid leaks about the novel's plot.

According to reports security is so tight for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that German workers at the GGP print factory in the small town of Poessneck are being forced to work in pitch black conditions so that they cannot read any of the books.

The Cold War-style security measures follow high-profile leaks of information in the run-up to the publication of the previous three books.

Other failsafe schemes in place see workers' bags and cars searched as they arrive and leave, while GGP employees have already been told they will be sacked if they are found to have smuggled copies out or placed bets on the novel's ending.

Harry Potter author Jk Rowling has already revealed that one, possible two or three, major characters will die in the final literary instalment of her best-selling series.

The book comes out on July 21st, a week after the fifth movie adaptation  The Order of the Phoenix  goes on general release in the UK.

26/05/2007 18:18:52