Angry parents have reportedly flooded fansites of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe over racy pictures that have seen the boy actor de-cloaked.

Parents are angry over the actor's decision to play the lead role in the West End play Equus. Daniel Radcliffe plays a stable hand whose relationship with his horses crosses into the erotic.

Radcliffe appears naked in one scene of the play, and promotional photos of the bare-chested actor have drawn complaints from parents who claim he is a role model for their children.

The actor became an international star after being chosen for role of Harry Potter in the film adaptation of the famous books by Jk Rowling.

One complaint printed in the Daily Telegraph read: "We as parents feel Daniel should not appear nude. Our nine-year-old son looks up to him as a role model. We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes."

Radcliffe's spokesperson said the actor wanted to step away from the Harry Potter stereotype. Vanessa Davies told the Daily Mail: "He does want to show he is a rounded actor capable of very different roles. He has tremendous support from Harry Potter fans."

Not everyone has been complaining about the prospect of seeing the actor without his clothes on. Over half a million tickets have been pre-sold for the show at the Gielgud Theatre, which is set to open this month.

01/02/2007 08:06:40