Harry Potter star Emma Watson and co-star Daniel Radcliffe are becoming seasoned veterans when it comes to coping with rumours about a link-up in their love life.

Watson, who plays Hermione Granger in the film series, is reportedly even considering ruling out a relationship with Radcliffe in a bid to stop the constant media whispering.

"Dan Radcliffe is very charming, and very, very sweet and knows how to handle it. We've been handling this situation for six years now," she said.

"Everyone has been going, 'Are you and Dan together?' Because it doesn't happen in the books, everyone is so desperate for it to happen in real life that any opportunity to come up with a story about it is taken."

Fortunately Watson need not rely on romance for her life to be interesting. It was announced yesterday she will play the part of Betsy Balcombe in upcoming movie Napoleon and Betsy, pipping 'too old' Scarlett Johansson to the post.

Earlier in the week she celebrated her 18th birthday, and with it control over her £10.5 million fortune.

Having attended a course in personal finance management by private bank Coutts, however, she's as likely to be as level-headed about her millions as she is about Radcliffe.

19/04/2008 18:29:50