Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane refuses to quit his remote Scottish home for a glamorous life in Hollywood because he fears the Californian lifestyle will change his family forever. Coltrane, who plays friendly giant HAGRID in the boy wizard franchise, has been flooded with offers of TV work in America since the movies were released. But he has nightmares his kids will turn into spoilt brats if he initiates a move to Hollywood, and also confesses he'd miss the sedate life he currently enjoys. He says, "The trouble is they (US producers) want a five-year commitment, and I've got children who like living in Scotland. So it's not on. "I have this terrifying vision of my children with a platinum card saying, 'You tell the maitre d' what I want.' "Now they say, 'Oh it's raining here again, Daddy. I think we'll put on our heavy boots.' That's more of the childhood I'd like my children to have. "I have the best of both worlds. I can have all the glamour and high-tension, and then I can leave it and go back to wandering around the hills with a fishing rod like a sane person."