Chilean police have charged two men with selling illegal translations of the fifth Harry Potter book, THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX.

Unauthorised copies of the book have been available on the country's streets for several weeks for $15 (GBP9.38), but authorities claim the bootleg is a very bad translation of author J K Rowling's English text.

EDUARDO CASTILLO, president of the CHILEAN BOOK CHAMBER business group, says, "Not only is it illegal, not only is it a pirate copy, it's a really bad translation."

He adds said that the illegal copies threatened the livelihoods of Chile's legitimate booksellers.

Unauthorised versions of the long-awaited book were on sale in countries like Pakistan months before the official release (21JUN03), while fans in countries including China and Germany have put their own translations of the tome on the internet.

08/08/2003 17:18