Saying that he was "absolutely thrilled" by its performance, IMAX chief Brad Wexler said Friday that the giant-screen version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix took in $11.6 million in 91 domestic and 35 international IMAX theaters during its opening week, producing a record $92,000 per-screen average. Ticket sales, Wexler said, were stoked by the 18-minute 3-D finale. "This kind of immersive experience is impossible to replicate at home or in any conventional theater. And we are thrilled to have brought Harry to life in a more awe-inspiring and exciting way than ever before," he said. Wexler also noted that the company has continued to see rising sales for conventional movies converted to the IMAX format. He said so far this year 300 has taken in $24 million in IMAX theaters -- equaling the take for Spider-Man 3.