Harry Judd has beaten Jason Donovan and Chelsee Healey to become the new champion of 'Strictly Come Dancing'. After winning the title, Harry Judd has suggested that he now plans to marry his girlfriend Izzy Johnston.

Whilst many had suggested that there may have been romance between Judd and his dancing partner Aliona Vilani, Judd has now told The Sunday Mirror that he plans to ask his girlfriend, who is a member of electro-string quartet Escala, to marry him: 'I want to keep it as romantic and spontaneous as possible for her. I want it to be a complete surprise. We moved in together right at the beginning of Strictly, so you can imagine what that was like! But we are very settled together and we talk about the future a lot.' Even though Harry claims that Izzy was very supportive of his time on 'Strictly', he told the Daily Mail last month that it had been a difficult journey, especially once when Izzy had watched him practice with Aliona: 'On the ride home Izzy was really quiet. At that moment it'd really hit her that this was her man with another girl. She was freaked out a bit. She said, "Just don't talk to me now - speak to me in the morning."'

Having now won the series, Harry Judd is set to return to the dance floor on both the Christmas special and the 'Strictly' tour. He joins his fellow MCfly member Dougie Poynter as reality TV kings.