Harry Judd finds raising two children ''really hard''.

The McFly drummer admits he and his wife Izzy - who have Lola, two, and 11-month-old Kit together - don't like to complain about parenthood because of the struggle they went through to have their daughter, but they are unsure about having more kids as their current family life is so ''full on''.

Asked if they are planning more children, he said: ''It's a difficult conversation.

''Kit, he's lovely, but he doesn't understand the concept of sitting still.

''It's so full on, whereas Lola is so different.

''When we had her, I said, 'Why does everyone complain about having children? It's so easy.'

''But the love is so strong and, when you're lying down talking about the lovely moments, you do think, how could we not have another one?

''We had IVF with Lola and Kit came along naturally, so I guess it's a case of whether we're lucky enough.

''We talk about it a lot.

''I feel reluctant to complain because of what we went through but it's OK to say, 'This is really hard.' I think there's often this expectation that people should just cope.''

Harry, 32, and his violinist wife were among the guests at Matt and Emma Willis' 10th wedding anniversary vow renewal ceremony last month and he admitted they would like to do something similar in the future.

He said: ''I guess [we would]. It's a lovely thing to do and a great excuse for a party so maybe one day.''

The 'Star Girl' hitmaker and his bandmates - Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter - performed together for the first time in almost two years at Matt and Emma's celebration and Harry was relieved it still felt very comfortable together.

He told OK! magazine: ''It was great. We were doing the rehearsal for it and I said to the guys, 'The good thing is, it doesn't feel like it's been ages. It doesn't feel weird.'

''We all loved it and it's something we'll certainly be doing again soon. I just want us to continuously be a band.''