Harry Judd believes exercise helped him to overcome his battle with anxiety.

The McFly drummer - who has 20-month-old daughter Lola and one-month-old son Kit with his wife Izzy - was able to ''cope'' with the disorder by working out because it helped him to ''regulate [his] stress''.

Speaking to Gay Times magazine, the 'Shine A Light' himaker said: ''I've suffered with anxiety in the past, but exercise has really helped me cope with anxiety much better because it's given me a really good focus in life.''

Harry is set to release his book 'Get Fit, Get Happy' next month, but the 31-year-old musician struggled writing the text to avoid it becoming a ''sob story''.

He continued: ''At first I actually found it hard to get this message across in the book, because at no point did I want this to become a sob story or a 'poor me' kind of thing''.

Although Harry has admitted he has enjoyed a ''blessed life'', his time in the spotlight and being a part of McFly has not made him ''immune from suffering''.

He explained: ''The fact is, I've been really luck - I have a blessed life and I love being in McFly. but that doesn't make me immune from suffering from things that other people suffer from. Being in a band for so many years, there have been times when my life has had no structure and no routine, and so exercise became this one constant that I could focus on. It's something productive. And it helped me sleep better and eat better, which in turn helped with my anxiety too.''

And the 'Please, Please' star has revealed if he doesn't work out he gets ''frustrated'', which annoys his spouse.

He said: ''Now, I get frustrated if I don't exercise. When I get like that, my wife will be like, 'F**k off Harry, get out the house, go gym'. So I do.''