Harry Judd claims ''jealousy'' almost tore apart McFly.

The 33-year-old drummer and his band mates Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, and Dougie Poynter recently announced they are set to make a comeback for a one-off show in London in November, and Harry has now claimed they were kept away from one another after becoming jealous of each other's solo projects.

He said: ''There was a bit of jealousy creeping in, I think with people doing their own thing, like, 'What's he doing? Why's he doing that? Why aren't we talking about McFly?'

''I think there's been moments if I'm honest where each of us have done things that we've all found really difficult.

''I know I did a show with Tom, and Dougie and Danny came to watch, and they were like, 'That sucks that you two are doing that.' And then I went to watch Danny's show and I was like, 'I'm kind of happy for you but that sucks.'''

From 2013 to 2015, the band teamed up with Busted's James Bourne and Matt Willis to form supergroup McBusted, but Harry says that also created ''unspoken tension'', and before long the pals stopped talking.

He added: ''And also the dynamic of McBusted changed things a bit - two great guys joined the band for a bit, but the friendships were shifting and things were a bit weird.

''There was unspoken tension, no one dealt with it and the issues got bigger and bigger. It was literally like, how has this happened?

''We had always taken such pride in our friendship of McFly and it was seemingly starting to crack.

''We were this solid band, like brothers, and suddenly we weren't even really talking.''

But now they've taken some time away from one another and they're stronger than ever.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper in a joint interview, guitarist Danny said: ''The timing as our evolution of a band, we'd have burnt out if we didn't have this break and we didn't sort this out. It would have maybe lasted two years, but now it can go on. Here's to the next 16 years because we're all on the same page.''