Harry Hamlin, the 58-year-old star of 'L.A Law' and his wife Lisa Rinna appeared on the 'Today' show yesterday (5th October 2010), only to be told that their boutique store in Sherman Oaks, California, had been robbed, reports the New York Post. $10,000 worth of designer clothing was reportedly stolen, and Hamlin announced the news live on television.
During the couple's interview to promote their new books and reality show, Hamlin suddenly answered a call on his cell phone and said, "Our clothing store is being robbed as we speak", before adding, "ADT is useless . . . our alarm company was supposed to take care of this, and they did nothing". 47-year-old actress Rinna then added, "It's happened three times". A friend of the couple, CAT WELLMAN, said that the thieves had used crowbars to pray open the front door of the property, adding, "They took everything in the first two racks"
Hamlin and Rinna's new reality show, 'Harry Loves Lisa' debuts on TV Land tonight, and the actress is also set to publish her new novel entitled, 'Starlit'. Hamlin's autobiography, 'Full Frontal Nudity' is published by Simon & Schuster, and was released yesterday.