British funnyman Harry Enfield is embroiled in a dispute with his London neighbours over his plans to transform a local pub into a luxury home.

The Kevin & Perry Go Large star purchased the Queens No 1 venue in Primrose Hill last year (12) when the former landlord retired, and had planned to live in the upstairs quarters while a friend ran a restaurant on the lower floor.

Enfield decided to drop the idea and now wants to convert the venue into a private residence, angering local officials and neighbours.

Local councillor Chris Naylor tells the London Evening Standard, "It is a tragic loss and people will be desperate to save it. Quite likely there will be a petition or demonstration."

Enfield has moved to appease objectors by writing a letter to other residents to explain his decision.

The note reads, "I have been a resident of Primrose Hill since 1988, my family since 1929... There are two other pubs within 50 yards, four other pubs within 150 yards and six other pubs within 300 yards, we would imagine the council might think the loss of this one not to be too great, the compensation being greater tranquillity..."