Jazz singer Harry Connick Jr. broke into his childhood New Orleans home after it was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, so he could show his kids where he grew up. The clean-cut New Orleans native has remained actively involved in efforts to rebuild the city that was damaged in 2005 by Katrina, which killed an estimated 1,836 people and left thousands more homeless.
The singer has urged celebrities to visit the area in an effort to rebuild its struggling economy.
And Connick Jr. admits he didn't wait for the family who lived in his childhood home to return before leading his own brood through its remains after it had been ravaged by the storm.
He says, "We were pretty lucky. I took them to the house that I grew up in, Lakeview, a few blocks from where the levee broke.
"The house was open. We went inside the house and we had no right to do that. It was amazing walking through the house where I grew up and nothing was there."