Harry Connick Jr. had a Father's Day to forget this year (09) after his favourite pet chicken was brutally savaged by a fox.
The singer/actor and his family keep a menagerie of feathered friends in his back yard.
He reveals he lost one of his beloved birds in June (09) when he awoke to find a fox feasting on the chicken - and the tragedy left him heartbroken.
Connick Jr. explains, "We had some chickens. Twenty-one birds and three of them are ducks.
"The one night I forgot to put them back inside (the coop) this fox had jumped in. My favourite chicken, her name was Mardi Gras, she was black... the fox had my chicken in his mouth. And it broke my heart, nobody cared. My kids didn't seem to care.
"It was a very sad day on Father's Day. I call it the Father's Day Massacre."