Smooth crooner Harry Connick Jr. is banned from singing his wife to sleep - because she doesn't want his voice in her head after she turns off the light. Former model Jill Goodacre appreciates her husband's voice makes women around the world swoon, but his songs don't turn her on. Connick Jr. explains, "She'll be reading a book when we're going to bed and she's got her reading light on and I'll start singing in the best possible voice I can sing in. "I'll sing some romantic ballad to her and she puts her hand over my face. I say, 'Do you realise I can go all over the world and sing?' "She could so care less. She'll say, 'Go take out the trash.'" And, though for many he's the king of romance, Connick Jr. admits he and his wife don't celebrate St. Valentine's Day. He adds, "I don't pay attention to Valentine's Day. Me and my wife both agree on this. You're kind of ideally supposed to be like that all the time. "It's not like you're supposed to send chocolate every day but we just blow it off. We're not big Valentine's Day people. What happens to the other 364 days a year?"