New Orleans, Louisiana resident Harry Connick Jr visited Washington DC yesterday (06OCT05) to beg America's Senate Finance Committee to fund the rebuilding of his hurricane-ravaged home city.

The crooner, who was one of the first celebrities to join the aid campaign in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina flattened areas of the Gulf Coast in August (05), urged the lawmakers to "spare no expense" in giving New Orleans a safe city to return to.

He told the committee, "I have no doubt that the government of this great nation will work with its people to lead New Orleans and the Gulf Coast back to an enlightened, proud, safe part of the world.

"I implore you to make it right, to make us proud."

The singer has been rewarded for his efforts in New Orleans by bosses at charity Habitat for Humanity, who have offered him a new ambassador role.

Connick Jr claims the job lets him "channel this incredible sadness that has devoured my soul."