Harrison Ford, Gloria Estefan and Arnold Schwarzenegger are showing off their most precious body parts in a new photo book.

The trio are among the celebrities who posed for photographer NIGEL PERRY's new coffee table book PRECIOUS after the snapper asked them to reveal their most treasured asset to him.

Ford flashed his feet, Estefan her eyes and Schwarzenegger his hands, while big screen legend Dustin Hoffman insisted Perry took a shot of his face, explaining, "Really this is it. This is all I am."

Other stars featured in the book include Jennifer Love Hewitt, who flashed her stomach, and THE SOPRANOS star Edie Falco, who also showed off her hands, adding, "They're not like a girl's hands. They're like a potato-picking man's hands."

Proceeds from the book will go to charity the STARLIGHT CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION.

24/09/2004 02:36