LATEST: Actor SHIA LaBEOUF has laughed off reports he has been cast as Harrison Ford's son in the much-anticipated INDIANA JONES 4, and insists Natalie Portman is a better pick as the movie adventurer's kid. The I, ROBOT star admits he was stunned when internet reports suggested he had landed the role of Jones' son, partly because, as a fan of the film franchise, he'd prefer it if his hero had a daughter. Of the rumour linking him to the film, LaBeouf tells MTV News, "It's a fun rumour... but I don't have a deal on the table, I haven't signed up for anything. As an actor, you hear those kinds of things all the time. "Before me, they were saying Hayden Christensen was going to be that guy, and then they were going to have a daughter, who was Natalie Portman. "Wouldn't it be cooler if it was a daughter? I think that the interaction between, like, let's say it was Natalie Portman and Harrison Ford, having to deal with a woman; it could be fun to see him taking pointers from a woman." But LaBeouf isn't ruling out the possibility he could be Indiana Jones' kid: "Anybody on this planet would love to be in Indiana Jones. It's one of those things that's historical. If it happens, I think it would be amazing."