Harrison Ford let Brendan Fraser co-pilot his plane.

The 'Inkheart' actor stars with Harrison in new drama film 'Extraordinary Measures' and the pair got so close on set the screen legend-and-qualified pilot took him up in the clouds.

Referring to Harrison's role as Han Solo in the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, Brendan said: "He took me up in his plane as his co-pilot. Let's face it, I was Chewbacca. It was really cool. He told me to take the stick and said, 'Watch out for power cables and be on the lookout for birds.' "

Brendan, 41, admits it was a dream come true to work with 67-year-old Harrison because he was such a fan of his films, which include the 'Indiana Jones' series and the 'Star Wars' movies.

He said: "He is a good guy to have a beer and a meal with. He is always telling jokes to me and the crew. He's like a grouch with a heart of gold. He's the coolest guy ever. I've admired him ever since I was a kid - real hero worship."

Harrison can fly both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and owns several different types of aviation vehicles.