The movie veteran, who returns to the sci-fi franchise for the much-anticipated sequel Episode VII: The Force Awakens, admits he couldn't see much point in keeping his bounty hunter character alive at the end of the first trilogy and he suggested a grisly death.

"A long time ago, in a place far, far away it seemed like a good idea at the time," Ford tells U.S. news show Extra. "We were at the end of the first three planned films and I never anticipated there might be another: 'What value could I add to the last film?'

"This is a character who had held himself at an ironic distance from all of the rest of belief systems of the films and if he might sacrifice himself, to the greater good, I thought that would be a good utility for the character and to add some gravitas... My idea was rejected."

Ford has also opened up about the leg injury that halted his return as Solo, revealing he never panicked after a prop fell and shattered his limb on set in Britain.

"I knew a helicopter pilot that flew for (the) National Health Service and they were talking about driving (me) back in a car through London in traffic," he recalls.

"I said, 'Could somebody get me my phone 'cause I can't get up 'cause I'm pinned under this door', and so they brought me my phone and I called the guy whose number was in my phone."