Harrison Ford, the multi-award winning Hollywood actor and long-time partner of actress Calista Flockhart, is selling his Chelsea apartment in New York for $16 million, reports the Huffington Post. The loft property consists of four bedrooms and four bathrooms and according to the listing has 'breath-taking views' over the city.
The 'City Prairie' apartment located at 206 West 17th Street is reportedly being sold by 'superbroker' DEBORAH GRUBMAN who has installed an asking price $10 million above what the Hollywood actor paid for the property back in 2002. The listing also describes the apartment as having 'beautiful Anigre wood and poured concrete floors', as well as the 'finest appliances and amenities', including a home-gym and library. Ford and Flockhart also own homes in Wyoming and in Los Angeles.
Ford is set to appear in the 2011 action sci-fi movie 'Cowboys & Aliens', and recently spoke about his desire to make a new INDIANA JONES movie after the success of 2008's 'The Crystal Skull'.