Harrison Ford found it ''strange'' that the late Carrie Fisher detailed their affair in her memoir.

The late actress - who passed away in December last year at the age of 60 - made a shocking revelation a month prior to her death when her memoir, 'The Princess Diarist', detailed the ''intense'' affair she had with her 'Star Wars' co-star, and Harrison has now broken his silence on the subject.

At the time of the affair, Harrison was a 33-year-old married father of two, whilst Carrie was just 19.

Asked how strange it was when Carrie released her book, he said: ''It was strange. For me.''

And when asked if he'd had any warning about the contents, he added: ''Um, to a degree. Yes.''

But the star, now 75, has admitted he'd rather not discuss the topic further out of respect to Carrie after her untimely passing.

When asked by GQ magazine what he thought about the book's contents, he said: ''Oh, I don't know. I don't know. You know, with Carrie's untimely passing, I don't really feel that it's a subject that I want to discuss.''

Whilst promoting her memoir - which was based on the series of diaries she kept as a young woman around the time she starred in the 1977 'Star Wars' movie - in November 2016, Carrie described the three-month affair as ''intense''.

She said: ''It was so intense. It was Han and Leia during the week, and Carrie and Harrison during the weekend.''

And Carrie also insisted she gave Harrison plenty of warning before publishing her tell-all book.

She said: ''I wouldn't have ambushed him like that, but it's still ... no matter if I told him or not, it probably feels like an ambush. It feels like an ambush to me, and I'm the one that wrote it.

''I said: 'I found the journals that I kept during the first movie and I'm probably going to publish them.' And he just sort of raised his finger and said, 'Lawyer!'''