Harrison Ford poked fun at ongoing reports suggesting he'll be returning as Han Solo in the next Star Wars movie on Tv in America on Wednesday night (17Apr13) by fielding audience questions from fans dressed up as characters from the franchise.

The actor has refused to comment on his role in Star Wars: Episode Vii and when chat show host Jimmy Kimmel approached the subject, Ford stated he couldn't say anything about the project.

Kimmel then suggested the actor take questions from the studio audience, but insisted that none should be about Star Wars.

Actors dressed up as Obi Wan Kenobe and Princess Leia then asked him if he liked being in movies and if he was hungry, while another in a Chewbacca costume gave the wookie's signature growl and prompted an angry Ford to respond, "You son of a b**ch... You'd like that wouldn't you? Always trying to blame me. You're the one who couldn't keep it in your furry pants!"

As Chewbacca protested, the actor snarled, "You're so full of..." and then turned to Kimmel and asked, "How did he get in here? You set this up...? He knows what he did. She was my wife. You wookie sack of s**t!"

Ford then stormed off the set after telling Kimmel, "I'm outta here," and then pointing at the wookie and adding, "I'll see you in hell!"