Harrison Ford missed out on playing his dream role in Martin Scorsese's CAPE FEAR because Robert De Niro wasn't interested in playing the good guy.

Scorsese wanted Ford to play good guy SAM BOWDEN opposite De Niro's psychotic MAX CADY in the 1991 movie, and even asked De Niro to phone the INDIANA JONES star to persuade him.

Ford remembers, "He rang me and asked me if I was interested in playing the good guy part.

"I said, 'I've done that so much, but what would be interesting to me would be if you played that part and I played your part.'

"De Niro knew which was the better part and was like, 'Nice talking to you.'"

The Bowden role eventually went to Nick Nolte. Ford's feelings about the Cady part seem to have been spot on - the portrayal was recently voted one of the movies' most villainous in an American TV poll.

10/06/2003 01:43