Movie legend Harrison Ford is protesting against American officials' attempts to deplete the elk population - by banning hunters from killing the animals at his ranch.

The RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK star is furious Wyoming residents are being encouraged to cull elks, over concerns the beasts will spread diseases among cattle.

He discovered 5,100 elk living near his South Park, Wyoming ranch exceed the state's population objective of 4,400 animals, so has created an elk refuge by forbidding hunting on his property.

MARK GOCKE, spokesman for the WYOMING GAME AND FISH DEPARTMENT complains, "The problem is that a lot of landowners don't allow permission to hunt. That's why this particular herd segment has grown so much."

Ford's ranch manager JOHN KELLY explains, "(Ford) doesn't want any hunting to take place on his property. He told me that if I caught anyone to turn them in."

25/10/2004 02:52