INDIANA JONES star Harrison Ford used his piloting skills to help girlfriend Calista Flockhart overcome her fear of flying - by taking her up in his plane.

The veteran actor shares his hobby with his family and even takes Flockhart's five-year-old son LIAM along with them.

Ford says, "She (Calista) was a nervous flyer before, on commercial airlines, until she started flying with me. Liam's first word was 'airplane.' He might have the bug. He loves to fly, it's great."

The 63-year-old actor regularly flies around his home in the US and has flown to Europe "five or six times".

The star began flying when he was younger and worked in a men's store selling clothes to raise the funds for lessons.

He explains, "I started taking flying lessons in college when it was 11-bucks-an-hour for an airplane and an instructor. That was a lot of money back in the 'olden' days."