Hollywood director/writer Harold Ramis has advised Robert De Niro's future castmates to stand up to the "bullying" actor. Ramis insists the best way to work with the Raging Bull star is to stay confident and resolute - whatever opposition he throws in the way. He recalls, "(De Niro) tried to intimidate me once, and screamed at me on the phone. "He wanted to hire an actress for Analyze This who I didn't think was right for the part - Joey Lauren Adams. So Bob calls me after we'd been shooting four days and says, 'You're a f**king lightweight! I've done 35 movies, what the f**k have you done?' I said, 'Well, BILLY (CRYSTAL) agrees with me.' He says, 'Billy's a f**king lightweight, too!' All I could think was, 'Hey, Raging Bull guy is yelling at me! I must be important!'" He adds that despite ignoring De Niro's casting advice, the pair subsequently got on well, cheekily adding, "Oh, and before he hung up, I said, 'I'm gonna forget that lightweight thing.' And that was it, we never had another argument." Lisa Kudrow was eventually awarded the contested role.