Singer Har Mar Superstar was so outraged when a drunk spectator disrupted his stage performance by launching a "penis-shaped pinata" at his head, he chased the offender out the venue.

The Minnesota-born Har Mar - real name HAROLD MARTIN - was struck so hard by the phallic item, it damaged his teeth - and the furious singer got his revenge when he ordered security to throw him out of the gig.

He says, "You probably heard about the scuffle I got into at the RECORD COLLECTION/TRUE LOVE SXSW party this year. A drunken random dude in the crowd threw a huge, penis-shaped pinata at my head while I was performing.

"It would have been hilarious if it hadn't hit the microphone into my face so hard that I needed to visit a dentist today.

"After four songs I went into the crowd to serenade some ladies and he tripped me and poured an entire drink on my head.

"A gentlemanly shoving match ensued.

"I got mad and chased him around the venue and threw garbage at him until security got him off the premises.

"I was pretty angry that my first opportunity to play my new laboured on songs for my friends was ruined by some s***ty party fouler. I did, however, play an amazing set the next day at EMO's with The Hives. No one stepped to me. Don't f*** with the f***ing best."

28/03/2004 10:35