Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has threatened to set fire to someone if he's ever forced to appear on a reality TV series.

The STEP ON singer supported bandmate BEZ during his time in Britain's CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER show last year (04).

But Ryder admits he hates the programmes - and his own antics would lead to a prison sentence if he took part in such a show.

He says, "I hate all those programmes. So does Bez.

"I've seen them more than he has. My wife always has them on. One in a jungle, one in a house, one on an island, one in a Red Indian village where they are all detoxing - all s**t.

"I advised him to go on for money, but though I would do nearly anything for dough, I wouldn't go on there.

"Because it would end with me in a prison for poking someone's eye out, or generally going bananas, pouring petrol over someone's hair and setting them on fire."

31/07/2005 10:37