Former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder is furious people remember the band's famous drug-habit rather than their music.

The singer complains the STEP ON group doesn't receive the recognition they deserve, while rival 'Madchester' band The Stone Roses are hailed as an integral part of the 1990s music scene.

Ryder says, "People don't talk about the albums that the Mondays made. They don't talk about the songs that we wrote, the music that we did.

"All anyone's wanted to do these past 20 years is just talk about drugs, drugs, drugs."

As for his former record company boss TONY WILSON's assertion that Ryder is one of the greatest lyricist of all time, he comments, "Well, it's cr*p. I agree I've written some great lyrics, but I cannot be put in boxes with (BOB) DYLAN and (Keith) RICHARDS and (MICK) JAGGER and any of those people.

"I just cannot be. It's ridiculous."

23/08/2004 21:21