Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder is convinced hit British children's show TELETUBBIES should be issued with a health warning for marijuana smokers.

The STEP ON singer is bewildered by the simple BBC series, which features colourful characters TINKY WINKY, DIPSY, LA LA and PO, and is relieved it was not on TV during his years as a drug addict.

The 43-year-old rants, "F**king Ceebybeebies. Those people that put out those programmes, they should be locked up.

"If you've got a slight mental illness in you family, my two pieces of advise would be don't smoke marijuana and don't watch Teletubbies.

"I'm just glad it wasn't on twenty years ago.

"If it had been, Happy Mondays might not have got round to making a f**king record in the first place.

"I'd have been sitting their tripping my t*ts off thinking that what Trispy-Wicksy was saying was f**king far more important than Live Aid or Nelson Mandela."