Former Happy Mondays singer ROWETTA is fuming at CHERYL COLE after the Girls Aloud star asked to use her vocals for an upcoming award show - but snubbed her offer to sing live.
Cole wanted to sample Rowetta's dancefloor hit Be for a live performance of her single Fight For This Love at the upcoming Brit Awards (16Feb10).
But Rowetta - full name Rowetta Satchell - was furious after record executives informed her that another woman would lip sync her part alongside Cole at the event.
Rowetta rants, "Her record company asked to use my sample but wanted an 'anonymous face'. I said I'm happy to perform but they don't want that. Imagine if I wanted to sample Cheryl and got someone to mime her voice. That would never be allowed."
It was revealed last year (09) Rowetta's vocals helped the Black Eyed Peas score a global smash with Boom Boom Pow, which samples her track Reach Out.