The Happy Mondays have been forced to cancel their upcoming show as part of New York's In The City festival due to visa issues. The reformed British group was forced to perform at April's (07) Coachella Festival in California without dancer Bez, who was caught up in visa issues - and now their latest U.S. show has been scrapped. The concert was set to be the Happy Mondays' first New York City show in more than 10 years. In a statement from the group's record company, the visa issues are described as "unforeseen" and the 13 June (07) show at the Nokia theatre has been cancelled. A second show at the venue the following night has also been scrapped. A spokeswoman says, "It seems that post-9/11 visa application restrictions for a band with the Happy Mondays' history - known as much for their legendary lifestyle as their unique collision of rave beats, indie rock and street poetry - has proven difficult this time. "Essentially the U.S. Embassy in the U.K. has halted the process of Bez's visa application until the outcome of pending court proceedings. "Although the rest of the band were able to enter the country and perform at Coachella, it transpired that other band members, including (frontman) Shaun Ryder, had been issued with single entry only visas, due to their prosecution histories. "Although the duration of the term of their visas would have allowed another visit to the US, the single entry status meant that the whole visa application process had to be restarted upon their return from LA, placing their plans to appear in NYC in jeopardy."