Happy Mondays star BEZ may have shaken his stuff for the last time with the iconic 90s band - frontman Shaun Ryder reveals his pal is heading for retirement.
The man with the maracas was forced to sit out of the cult British group's current North American tour after he was denied a visa from the U.S. Embassy - thought to be related to his past convictions.
And Ryder isn't expecting him to rejoin the band when they head back home.
He says, "I've known Bez my whole life. The thing with Bez is, back in the day he was twenty years old. Now we're grown up.
"Bez doesn't need to be f**ked out of his face on stage anymore, no one wants to see that. He's nearly 50 years old and it's embarrassing for him.
"And he's got his own stuff going on. His reality TV and sh*t."
Singer Julie E. Gordon adds, "Bez is fast, Bez is out there. If Bez was here (on tour), he'd probably be out there turning up 15 minutes late for a show, because that's the nature of who Bez is.
"We've kind of moved on from that now. Now it's about the music."