Happy Mondays star Bez has been dealt a major blow at the start of his political run after it emerged his party was disqualified by election officials on the day he launched his campaign.

The British dancer, real name Mark Berry, plans to run in the U.K.'s general election this year (15) in a bid to become a Member of Parliament for Salford and Eccles, an area in the north west of England.

Bez, who is running as a member of the Reality Party, launched his campaign on Monday (12Jan15), but it has now emerged the group has been removed from the list of runners because officials fear the name is too close to a previously registered contender called the Realists' Party.

A spokesman for the Electoral Commission tells Britain's The Independent newspaper, "Following a review conducted last year, we contacted The Reality Party on two occasions to tell them the party name they had registered, if seen on a ballot paper at a General Election, could mislead voters. We recommended what they could do to address this and whilst the party indicated that it was looking at ways to alter its name with the Commission, it did not submit a revised name before our 12 January deadline and so was removed from the register of political parties... There's still time for the party to submit a revised name."

A spokesman for The Reality Party insists they are investigating the "administrative error".