Bez's bid to become a U.K. politician is back on track after the Happy Mondays star changed the name of his party.

The British dancer, real name Mark Berry, was disqualified from running in the U.K. election as a member of the Reality Party because officials declared the group's name was too similar to a registered opponent called the Realists' Party.

However, his political campaign is now moving forward again after officials at the Electoral Commission approved the new name We Are The Reality Party.

Bez has denied suggestions he forgot to properly register the group and blames the Commission for the confusion, saying, "I certainly didn't wake up one morning and forget to register The Reality Party. Far from it. The Electoral Commission didn't run checks thoroughly before giving us the green light in March 2014, and then months later suddenly wanted to question our party name when it came to light that we might confuse voters... Let's put that behind us. As far as we're concerned, we always were the Reality Party. We Are The Reality Party now."

Bez is hoping to be voted in as the Member of Parliament (Mp) for the region of Salford and Eccles in England at the upcoming general election in May (15).

On Monday (09Feb15), he began staging a week-long 'bed-in' with his girlfriend Firouzeh Razavito to protest against fracking.