Happy Mondays star BEZ was threatened with arrest on Friday (22Oct10) after protesting in court when his appeal against an assault conviction was rejected.
In August (10), the British dancer/percussionist was found guilty of attacking his ex-girlfriend Monica Ward during a domestic dispute and was jailed for a month when he refused to carry out his community service sentence.
Bez - real name Mark Berry - walked free last month (Sep10) after serving just two weeks of his month-long sentence and he returned to court in Manchester, England on Friday (22Oct10) in a bid to have his conviction overturned.
The appeal at Manchester Crown Court was turned down and Bez reacted angrily, shouting at the judge and refusing to pay $750 (£500) court costs.
He yelled, "That's a load of rubbish! It's a joke. I'm going to take this to a higher court. I'm not paying nothing, I don't give a s**t."
Judge Roger Dutton criticised the star's unruly behaviour and threatened to have him arrested unless he calmed down.
He said, "Mr Berry - be quiet. I'm rapidly losing my cool with you. You're shouting and ranting. You're making an exhibition of yourself... It seems you're illustrating the sort of mood you get into when you're angry. Stop it...
"I would be very careful what you choose to say. If you express yourself in that way again I will have you arrested."
After the hearing Bez said in a statement, "I am disappointed at the appeal ruling and have undertaken this appeal to clear my name, nothing more."
His solicitor, Peter Eatherall, adds, "Bez is Bez, there is nothing behind the curtain, that is how he is and what he is. But he is not a violent man."