Happy Mondays star BEZ has been left bloodied and bruised following a shockingly violent fight with a fellow musician.
Bez - real name Mark Berry - became embroiled in a spat earlier this week (begs20Dec10) with Space Monkeys bassist Dom Morrison, who is said to be dating his ex-girlfriend Monica Ward.
The brawl in Manchester, England was captured on camera and the pictures published by Britain's The Sun.
In the snaps, Berry can be seen in an office throwing punches at Morrison, who loses his t-shirt in the scrap, and in one shocking image, Berry can be seen with a bloodied eye and mouth.
The fight was reportedly stopped when an organised referee stepped in and separated the pair.
A source tells the newspaper, "The fight's been the talk of Manchester for weeks. Two local brothers... were involved in putting Bez and Dom in the same room to sort out their problems.
"It was really bitter and they only wanted to sort it out one way - with an old-fashioned straightener (fight).
"They went at it like animals with a lot of blood and sweat. Bez looked cut up but gave as good as he got. It was a draw in the end and they both managed to walk away.
"Bez is having a horrible time right now. He's struggling to keep on top of things."
Last month (Nov10), cops hunted for the percussionist after he failed to answer bail following allegations he harassed former partner Ward.
He was subsequently arrested and fined $210 (£140) after admitting to sending Ward numerous text messages, which broke the terms of a restraining order.