Happy Endings, ABC's new comedy starring Elisha Cuthbert, premiered to mixed reviews last night (14th April 2011). The show follows a group of close friends whose lives are turned upside down when Cuthbert's character calls off her wedding. 'Happy Endings' has been created by the young writer DAVID CASPE, whose script 'I Hate You, Dad' is being made into a feature film starring Adam Sandler.
Despite being highly anticipated in recent weeks, last night's season premiere was met with mixed reviews from television critics. The New York Daily News' DAVID HINCKLEY was particularly scathing of the show, rating it just two out of five and noting, "The characters on Abc's new sitcom Happy Endings seem likable and funny. So why, the viewer may ask, does the show give them such a forced and convoluted back-story that it keeps getting in the way of both those qualities?" ROBERT BIANCO of USA Today compared it unfavourably to EMMY AWARD winning sitcoms such as FRIENDS, remarking, "The adventures aren't funny, and the friends aren't believable".
'Happy Endings', which also stars Zachary Knighton, will return on 20th April 2011 at 10pm.