Former Happy Days star Scott Baio has revealed JOANIE really did love CHACCHI - his co-star and he lost their virginity to each other. The former TV hunk is telling all about his past loves and losses as part of new reality show Scott Baio Is 45... + Single and admits his first sexual experience was with his onscreen girlfriend Erin Moran. He jokes, "Joanie did love Chacchi! Like I haven't heard that." On the new show, which debuts on Sunday (15Jul07) in America, a lifecoach sets Baio the task of visiting his ex-girlfriends, including Moran, to find out how he fared as a boyfriend. In his revealing encounter with Moran, the actress recalls Baio asking her to marry him and then not following through. The actor's coach also insists Baio, who has also dated Pamela Anderson, Denise Richards and Heather Locklear, remains celibate for the duration of the series, so he can learn all about himself without allowing sex to cloud his life lessons. In the first episode, Baio visits an ex who he once dumped to date a Playboy Playmate, while his friends try to tempt him with at-home lap dances and sexy girls who want to bed the actor.