Happy Days star Anson Williams once tried to recruit a young Jane Lynch to help him get more singing time on the show.
The Glee star once wrote to the actor, who played wise-cracking crooner Potsie on the beloved TV hit, and asked him for career advice, and he was kind enough to write back, sending her a signed photograph.
The actor kept in touch with young Lynch and at one point asked her to write to his TV bosses in a bid to boost his appearance on the show.
Lynch went public with the odd ruse during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on TV in America on Monday night (03Oct11), even showing off William's handwritten letter to her, in which he wrote, "It would be a big help for me if... you and your friends would write to Paramount Studios... saying, 'I like Anson's singing. When will he sing again?'"
The actress admits she never made the pitch to his network bosses: "I didn't do it. I didn't like his voice."
Learning that Williams is now a successful director, Lynch admits that revealing all about the letter and her relationship with the former TV star in her new biography Happy Endings was not a great idea: "He'll never hire me now. I've burned that bridge... He might be angry."