Former Happy Days pin-up Scott Baio insists the trick to charming beautiful women is to be honest about your intentions and never take rejection personally. The actor won the hearts of stunners like Pamela Anderson and Heather Locklear by wooing them with straightforward chat-up lines - and he feels sure that any Mr Average could have the same success if they followed his lead. He says, "Just be completely up front. Just say something like, 'Hello, I like you and I wanna make out' without sounding like a complete d**k. "Be direct, because otherwise you could end up blowing $100 on drinks. If she says, no, then it's, 'OK, nice meeting you, goodbye.' The key for me is that I have no ego. I never gave a s**t." Baio reveals he wooed Pamela Anderson after overhearing her talking to her friends about him at a Playboy party. He explains, "She told one that she had a dream about me. Do you have to hear any more than that?" And he briefly dated Locklear after signing up for a "cheeseball" TV show just because she was among his castmates. Baio fell for the actress after seeing her in a milk ad. Baio isn't the only star with a romantic connection to both Locklear and Anderson - rocker Tommy Lee wed Anderson after dating Locklear.