Director HANY ABU-ASSAD, creator of controversial suicide bomber movie Paradise Now, has hit out at angry protesters - saying they should retaliate by creating their own movie. The Academy Award-nominated film came under attack last week (01MAR06) from a 32,000 signature-strong petition urging Oscar officials to disqualify it from the Best Foreign Language Film shortlist. But movie-maker Abu-Assad argues the drama, which follows two West Bank friends hired to be suicide bombers in Tel Aviv, forces the audience to question the terrorists' motivation. Speaking at the Independent Spirit Awards in Los Angeles yesterday (04MAR06), where the screenplay won Best Foreign Film, he says, "The only answer I can give them is please go and make your own movie. "I understand the pain that some people have and I think it's not a problem to protest against a film. It's better than to use violence. "We all have different opinions about it. This is why we have films - you give the right to people to judge it as they want."