Pop act Hanson have inspired MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE star Frankie Muniz to pursue his dreams of drumming in a rock band.

The 18-year-old actor admits he often fantasises of stepping away from his acting career to play music - and he credits faded trio Hanson with giving him the incentive to take up percussion.

He says, "If I wasn't an actor, I would be a drummer in a band. When I was younger the Hanson guys were huge. Just the fact that (bandmember) ZAC was my age and they were like making music, that so was so cool to me.

"So I started playing the drums and I'm pretty good at it now. I don't wanna be in a band where like I'm the drummer of that band. I'd play like to play for John Mayer or someone... and I'm just in the background."

08/11/2004 09:18