JANET DEVLIN forgot her lyrics for a second time last night on ITV1's 'The X-Factor'. This has led to speculation that JANET DEVLIN may end up in the bottom two tonight (27 Nov 2011).
During her first song of the night, a guilty pleasure of Hanson's 'MmmBop', the Irish teenager looked obviously awkward as she seemed to stumble through the song. Once at the beginning and again halfway through the song, the backing track led on as she stood there in silence. Judge Tulisa stated, "You look upset, maybe the nerves took over? I found it quite mediocre. I know you're capable of more', whilst Barlow was harsher in his critique, by commenting: "It was a real mess. For the second time, you've forgotten the words. You are not a groove vocalist, you shouldn't be singing that". When Dermot asked for a reason behind her loss of words, Devlin replied: "It's not my fault if I feel like I'm going to throw up. Maybe it was something I ate." Her second song, 'Under The Bridge' by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers under the 'Heroes' genre, was much better but Barlow still slammed her for not having a good night.
JANET DEVLIN had forgotten her words earlier this month during a performance of the Jackson five song, 'I Want you Back'. Louis Walsh was quick to defend her by saying: "You kind of messed up, but at least you carried on. It wasn't great, but I believe in you." The results will be revealed tonight.