Former squeaky clean pop trio Hanson have been hailed as the unlikely saviours of independent music after their new self-financed record debuted at number 25 in the American album charts.

The brothers have released UNDERNEATH on their own label 3CG RECORDS after leaving ISLAND DEF JAM last year (03), and have now matched the success of a select band of artists - such as Prince and ANI DiFRANCO - to break into the upper-reaches of the BILLBOARD TOP 200 with self-made LPs.

Singer ZAC HANSON says, "We have a passion for making music and having our own label gives us the opportunity to make the music we want and deliver it directly to the fans."

Heavy rocker Nicki Sixx from Motley Crue recently paid tribute to Hanson, saying, "Hanson has the spirit and the balls to not only reinvent themselves, but do it on their own terms."

29/04/2004 21:32