Hanson are convinced THE Jonas Brothers won't go off the rails like troubled star Britney Spears - because the boy band write their own songs.
Pop stars Hanson continued their careers past their Mmmbop heyday by starting up their own label, 3CG Records, and writing and producing their own albums.
And the sibling trio are convinced the Jonas Brothers have enough musical talent to follow a similar career path.
Taylor Hanson says, "One clear thing the Jonas Brothers actually have going for them is they have written their own songs.
"I think what you see a lot of times, unfortunately people like Britney Spears or people that seem to go off the rails when they started out, it wasn't really their deal...
"(I) just really wish them a lot of luck. I hope they can translate what they've done into a career - a long career - in a similar way that we've been able to for many years. It's a great privilege to be able to have this be your career."